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.: Schedule and Information :.

2014 Series Schedule

Annual Membership $35, Non-members single raceday permit $5 (purchased at the track)

(If you are a member of any other Nebraska Motocross Series, show your membership card at sign up and we will waive the single race day permit fee. Thank you for supporting motocross racing in Nebraska!)

Membership form - Click Here

All Money Classes $35

All Other Classes $35 for the first class, $30 for the 2nd and $25 all other

Must race 9 out of 12 races to be eligible for year end awards. Points earned from all 12 races are used to calculate year end results. There are no dropped races.


.: 2014 Race Schedule :.

March 30 Abbott Motocross    
May 4 White Sands Raceway
June 1 Off Road Ranch  
June 8 White Sands Raceway    
June 28 Abbott Motocross    
June 29 Abbott Motocross    
August 17 Abbott Motocross    
September 7 Off Road Ranch      
September 21 Off Road Ranch (Double Points)
October 5 Off Road Ranch      
October 19 Abbott MX      
  *** ( contingency pays at series end, not by event) ***


.: Series Rules :.


Click here to view/print the Series Rules.


All riders and associated people are responsible for reading and understanding the rules.

.: Series Classes :.


  50cc Multispeed (crf50, ttr50, etc)     50cc Jr (4-6 yrs)
  50cc Sr (7-8 yrs)     50cc Open (Max Age: 9)
  65cc Jr (Max Age: 9)     65cc Sr (10-11 yrs)
  65cc Open (Max Age: 11)     85cc Jr (7-11 yrs)
  85cc Sr (12-15 yrs)     Supermini
  Womens (No age restriction)     2 Stroke (100cc-250cc 2 stroke)
  Open Amateur     Lites B (Max 250cc)
  Lites C (Max 250cc)     Open B
  Open C     Vet B (Min Age: 30)
  Vet C (Min Age: 30)     Over 40
Open A (150% payback)   Lites A (150% payback)
Open Outlaw (100% payout)   Vet Open (Min Age 30, 50% payout)


.: Race Day Information :.


  Gates Open:   Saturday - 8 am - 10 pm
      Sunday - 8 am
  Gate Fees:   $10 per person
      for the entire weekend
      (Ages 5 and under are free)
  Race Day Sign up:   8 am
  Morning Practice   9:00 am
  Racing   10:30 am


.: Contingency :.


Please note -Contingency programs vary from one manufacturer to another. It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules supplied by the manufacturer.

Suzuki Contingency

Website: http://www.suzukicycles.com/

Contingency Information: http://www.suzukicycles.com/Racing/Motocross/Contingency.aspx

For questions about contingency: Mccontin@Suz.com



Honda Contingency

Website: http://powersports.honda.com

Contingency Information: http://www.xtrm.com/contingency/honda/index.asp

For questions about contingency: http://www.xtrm.com/contingency/honda/index.asp?o=FAQ



KTM Contingency

Website: http://www.ktm.com/us/ready-to-race.html

Contingency Information: http://www.ktmcash.com/

For questions about contingency: http://www.ktmcash.com/contact/



Yamaha Contingency

Website: http://www.yamahamotorsports.com/content/119/yamaha_sport_off-road_motorcycle_home.aspx

Contingency Information: http://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport/racing/2014_YZWR_Contingency.aspx



Kawasaki Contingency

Website: http://www.kawasaki.com/Racing_Contingency/MotoXDetails.aspx

Contingency Information: http://www.kawasaki.com/Racing_Contingency/MotoXSchedule.aspx

For questions about contingency: http://kawasaki.com/Racing_Contingency/Landing.aspx